Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

Q. Can I claim back any money from my health insurance fund for my stay at Abide® Wellness Retreat?

A. Usually not because we are not a hospital. However, it is worth checking if your fund covers you for any “preventive health” or “natural therapy” treatments.

Q. What is the difference between the 5 and 12 night programs?

A. Medically speaking, most major benefits are seen when guests have been in the program or more than five days. This is because during the first week there is a detox effect that helps your body adjust to a healthier routine. There are also withdrawal issues that need longer than five days to resolve. This is the main difference. Also, the longer programs provide a more complete series of lectures, more thorough health counseling and assistance in turning your life around.

Q. When do the programs start and end?

A. The 5 night program: Guests arrive Sunday afternoon at 2:30pm and depart five days later, after Breakfast at 9:00am.
The 12 night program: Guests arrive Sunday at 2:30pm and depart Friday morning after Breakfast at 9:00am.

Q. May I join a program for periods of time other than the 5 and 12 night programs?

A. Yes, guests can book in for programs of other lengths and will be charged on a pro rata basis. (There are occasional weeks where Abide® Wellness Retreat is closed to give our dedicated staff a time to rest and rejuvenate. They need it too. Our reception staff will let you know when you call if your intended stay is during one of those weeks and will guide you to a time when Abide® Wellness Retreat is open). However, we encourage guests to arrive at the start of the 5 night or 12 night program so they don’t miss out on important orientation and foundational lecture material. There is a progression in education during the program and arriving than at the beginning of the 5 or 12 night programs may take more time to get oriented or to catch up to the other guests. In addition to our 5 night and 12 night programs, we offer day spa’s and bed & breakfast on most nights. See our programs page, or ring for more information (03) 5963 7000.

Q. Do you offer discounts?

A. From time to time we offer discounts to our program. Plus we offer a pensioner discount of 10% to pensioners with a pensioner’s card. If the general discount is larger than the pensioner discount, no further discount is applied.

Q. Is there transport available from the airport or train station?

A. Yes, Abide® Wellness Retreat has a private bus that can collect you at any of the locations on the list below. Transport fees can be shared among multiple passengers.

  • Tullamarine Airport: up to $94
  • Avalon Airport: up to $120
  • Lilydale Station: up to $48. From Southern Cross Station, take the train to Lilydale.

Q. Into which airport should I fly?

A. Melbourne Tullamarine (MEL) is the preferred airport as it is closer and Avalon is much more expensive to collect you.

Q. Can I bring my children?

A. Special arrangements can be made for small children from time to time, so be sure to phone and ask us if our family accommodation option is available for the session in which you are interested.

Q. May I bring a carer?

A. Yes. Naturally there would be associated costs for food and lodging. Please ring for details.

Q. What do I need to bring?

A. General casual wear, comfortable walking shoes, dressing gown, slippers, swim trunks or suit for steam room and therapy. Please bring clothing for both warm and cool weather, Medicare card and, if applicable, pension or health care card.